Internet Essentials

ABC is proud to present ABC Tech Tips made possible in part by a generous donation by the Comcast Foundation. Below you will find a variety of technical tips to help you learn more about topics that you can use in your career, education, and everyday use of the Internet.





Online Education

There are thousands of online resources to help you get a degree or complete a degree you've started.  Click for an introduction to online education.


Internet Basics Explained

You have gotten this far, but what other areas of the Internet are available to you that you may not have explored.  Watch this video to learn about the most essential aspects of the Internet.




Affordable Internet

Did you know that Comcast customers may be eligible for low cost, high speed Internet with an included wireless modem for as low as $9.95/month (plus tax)?  Please click below to apply and see if you qualify.

Microsoft Office Templates

Built into all Microsoft Office applications are templates that make everyday work easier and more efficient.  Try this tutorial to learn how to use Microsoft Office to make a community flyer and many other types of documents.


Skype Video Conferencing

Do you have co-workers that are located in another location?  You can now not only talk to them, but also see them using free video applications such as Skype right from your smart-phone, PC, or tablet.  You can also use the application to share your desktop so you can work on documents together from two or more different locations.

Create documents online

Do you work with numbers and formulas? Or do you need to create a professional looking letter for free?  If you do and don't know about Microsoft Online applications, you will want to see this Tech Tip.


Searching for a Job

Looking for a change?  Or maybe you are looking for a job.  This video will introduce you to many resources to help you search for jobs, build your resume, and how to interview.