At Associated Black Charities (ABC), we are tackling the disparities that
disproportionately affect communities of color in Maryland. Whether workforce
disparities in Baltimore, health disparities on the Eastern Shore, or the
public policy disparities that exist statewide, we are not afraid to go beyond
socioeconomic symptoms to explore and address root causes.

Our solutions sometimes require us to be a leading voice when there is a void,
a fundraiser and/or a grantmaker for issues that matter, or a champion of a new
idea or partnership. We share insightful strategies, tools and resources with the
people and organizations that are fighting on behalf of the marginalized. And
we will continue to push until all of our communities are strong, healthy and
economically viable.

We are raising awareness about the racialized barriers embedded in systems and policies that disproportionally affect the wealth and health of people of color. Through our advocacy work we are demanding that policies, laws and decisions are made and/or revisited using a racial equality lens.

We are addressing the conditions that contribute to health disparities among people of color in Maryland. We are also helping those who face barriers find the resources they need to improve and/or maintain their physical and mental health.

We are changing the economic landscape of our state by partnering with public, private and philanthropic organizations to identify and address critical employment needs. Our partnerships focus on creating job readiness, retention and advancement opportunities for historically marginalized workforce groups. 

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