Associated Black Charities is extremely fortunate to have at its helm, Diane Bell McKoy, who serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer.  Her professional career is as rich, expansive and diverse as the people who have served under her leadership, benefitted from her years in human service or been inspired by her words of wisdom, her professional and personal journeys, and dedication to making a difference.

Diane has spearheaded ABC’s mission since 2007.  Prior to accepting her current position, Diane completed an eighteen month term as a Senior Fellow at the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  “The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charitable organization, dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. And just prior to the Casey experience, she lead Baltimore’s Empowerment Zone corporation, deemed as one of the most successful effort across the country at that time.

Ms. McKoy is currently leading a team of nineteen staff members who are dedicated and diligently focused on closing the health and wealth gaps for people of color in the state of Maryland.   Through strategic alliances and a signature mission platform entitled “More in the Middle,” Diane and her team are tirelessly working to expand the assets of the low income, working poor and the fragile middle class.  Doing so is no small feat.  It requires building relationships, advocacy, education, crucial changes in public policy, organizing and financial investment, and Ms. McKoy has demonstrated that she has the leadership arsenal of tools to get the work done.

Her educational and professional experiences have provided her with numerous opportunities to demonstrate her leadership traits.  She attended the University of Maryland at the College Park and Baltimore County campuses where she earned both a Bachelor and Masters degree in Social Work.  Her career has allowed her to create one of the first family development programs in the substance abuse field.  She served in Washington, DC government as Deputy of the Child Welfare Division where she led the restructuring of the child welfare system, and she was part of a four person research team in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation working on one the country’s first data driven anti-poverty initiatives under Mayor Marion Barry.  Later under the leadership of former Mayor Kurt Schmoke, she served in several roles ending her tenure with City Government as the Deputy Chief of Staff.

People in other organizations throughout the state of Maryland and across the country have observed Diane’s tireless deeds.  They value her cutting edge insight and her knack for addressing issues that many others are hesitant to discuss.  Her advice is often sought, and she stretches herself to help as many as she can.  She is currently a Board member for Downtown Partnership, AARP National Public Policy Board of Directors, and Central Maryland Transportation Alliance.  She is also the Chair of the Racial Diversity Collaborative and Management Corporation, as well as a Trustee for the Baltimore Community Foundation. In the past she served as a school board commissioner for Baltimore City, as President for the Job Opportunities Task Force and a board member for GEDCO.  She has also received Leadership/Management certifications from a number of organizations, including Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  Diane even finds time to lecture across the country on strategies that will engage communities as partners in neighborhood/economic development for low income/low skill workers and building community to produce specific outcomes.

She is the devoted wife of Richard McKoy, stepmother for three adult children and proud grandmother of six.