ABC's 2019 Gala: A Message From CEO Diane Bell-McKoy

Investing in the Future

For almost 35 years, ABC has worked with passion and commitment to address the racial disparities that affect many African Americans and other people of color. We are determined to identify and remove race-based structural barriers and create new opportunities for African Americans to fully take part in the economy and build stronger lives.  

We envision an economy in Baltimore and throughout Maryland that provides equitable opportunities for all people to work, advance, and build financial security and generational wealth to benefit their families and communities.  To that end, we are very pleased to announce the completion of our 2018 strategic planning process and the refocus of our work on economic development.   

Over the course of this evening you will learn more about our efforts to influence city and state policies and local employer practices to foster equitable practices, systems and economic growth.  We will also share more information on how we educate, mobilize and empower workers to take action towards advancing economic equity in the workplace and accelerating positive outcomes, both for the individual and for broader systemic change.  We are aggressively pursuing change, proud of our work and excited about the future!

We hope that by the end of the program, you too will be inspired to Invest in the Future and commit to join ABC as a Supporter, Advocate, Investor, Community Leader or Champion for Change.

We are deeply grateful to all of you, our many partners, funders and supporters in the community, in local businesses, and policy makers across the region. You recognize and appreciate ABC as a voice of equity and driver of economic opportunity, and we thank you for standing with us!



Diane Bell-McKoy

President and CEO

Associated Black Charities