Associated Black Charities Responds to Audit Finding

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2019
Contact: Jennifer Farmer,, 202-407-5773

Baltimore, MD – The Associated Black Charities today released a statement celebrating that the audit found that there was no improper political influence over the way the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund was distributed or managed. The organization disputes the single finding of the

audit that there was insufficient documentation of awards made as an exception to the selection process. ABC confirms that no grantee awards were made outside of the selection process. The organization further confirms that there was sufficient documentation for all grants awarded. The group’s statement is below:

“The City's audit confirms that the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund has been carefully managed by ABC and its team of professionals, with a vision for uplifting and supporting Baltimore City children, youth and young adults,” said Diane Bell-McKoy, president and CEO of Associated Black Charities. “From day one, ABC has partnered with professionals, volunteers, young people and concerned community members to ensure the process was responsive to and inclusive of the community. We are proud to have prioritized community involvement in every phase and aspect of this work as mandated by the Youth Fund Task Force.”

“Centering guidance from the Baltimore Children and Youth Task Force, we worked to present an alternative vision of philanthropy; one that shares power, includes the community, and operates with a racial equity lens,” said Dayvon Love, community engagement coordinator, Baltimore Children and Youth Fund. “We did something that is rarely done in philanthropic spaces, which is believe in the community enough to request their input on who should be funded, and then to fund local ventures that help children, youth and young adults.”

“In the strongest sense possible, we dispute the single audit finding that there was insufficient documentation outlining how certain grant decisions were made,” Bell-McKoy said. “All grants were made by the Community Reviewers pursuant to the clear guidelines put forth by the Task Force and outlined in the RFP. Further all funding decisions were fully documented. We had an intention of creating an equitable and inclusive process and we have worked hard to live up to that intention. We know that with an endeavor as big as this Youth Fund that required an equity lens, there will always be questions that lead to opportunities to learn and grow. Nevertheless, we stand on the work we have done and the resources that are being provided to the community.”