Our goal is to dismantle the institutional barriers and biases that prevent people from realizing their full potential by addressing broken systems, not broken people. Informed by data and leading through innovative and research-based approaches., we will ensure that economic opportunities are extended to, and see to advance, ALL people.

We are committed to transformative change. We are educating policymakers, civic leaders, corporate/business leaders, community activists and advocates about the root causes of the detrimental economic and health outcomes that disproportionately exist for African Americans. We are sharing research and other tools to help address and resolve the issues birthed from many years of intentional (as well as unintentional) institutional and structural racism.

Fighting to increase access and opportunity for historically marginalized groups is what we do at ABC, but the matters and events surrounding Freddie Gray’s death in April 2015 caused a surge of unprecedented interest in racial equity - affirming the need for our urgent focus and racial equity-infused work.

In this last year, we conducted a record number of educational activities defined as trainings, presentations, facilitations, events, forums and convenings around hot topics such as institutional and structural racism, social justice, equity, oppression and white privilege. And we continue to be called upon regularly to provide the type of analysis that helps to “translate” racial disparities into economic losses – losses so significant they impede the viability of the state. We are also on a mission to make connections and facilitate partnerships that can effectively address the structural and institutional disparities because we cannot do it alone.