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Volunteer Career Mentors (vcm)


What is the Volunteer Career Mentoring Program?

The Associated Black Charities’ Volunteer Career Mentoring Program is designed to meet the needs of low wage workers of color who have a strong desire for career advancement but currently lack the career advancement skills that would ensure their upward mobility.  The program design includes 6-career development and mentoring sessions, structured over a 6-month period.


Why do we need a Volunteer Career Mentoring Program?

Many African American employees who have significant potential do not have mentors to help them identify their strengths, improve their performances, and set career goals that could increase their wage growth potential. The Volunteer Career Mentoring program brings together a diverse group of adults who have or had (retirees) successful careers and want to help others learn how to achieve their goals and low wage worker who articulate and demonstrate a desire for career advancement but are currently making less than $10 an hour.


Partnerships are the key to success

Associated Black Charities relies on strong partnerships to make this program successful.   Our partners help us identify and recruit prospective participants (mentors/mentees) through hosting information sessions at their respective locations. Some of our partners include but are not limited to: United Way of Central Maryland, Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake and AARP.

  • United Way of Central Maryland- has been the anchor funding partner since the inception of the Volunteer Career Mentoring Program.

  • Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake – serves as one of our founding partners and provides ABC with interested mentees, working graduates who are interested in being paired with a mentor to help them create a career plan and support them along their journey.

  • AARP – also served as a founding partner and provides ABC with interested mentors, professionals who are interested in being a mentor to a motivated low-wage worker who is interested in advancing their career and needs some guidance.


Program Successes

Since its inception, the program has recruited over 300 mentors, trained and matched over 100 mentors and mentees.  Program demographics include:

  • 99% of the Mentees are African-American and 99% of the Mentees live and work in Baltimore City.

  • 85% of the Mentees are women and 15% of the mentees are men.

  • 75% of the Mentees completed 6-month program curriculum training with a Career Development Plan.

  • 94% of the Mentees retained employment for duration of program.

  • 70% of the Mentees showed improvement in knowledge, skills, and behaviors as demonstrated by a Pre/Post Assessment.

  • 85% of the Mentees applied for new employment advancement opportunities within 9-month of program start and 85% of the Mentors are retained in the program for (1) year.


To learn more contact Bernard Sims – bsims@abc-md.org.