Mission & History

Our Mission

ABC works across Maryland as an educator, advocate and supporter to eliminate race-based structural barriers and advance long-term solutions that create new opportunities for African Americans to thrive financially and build a stronger economy for all.

Our History

Associated Black Charities was founded in 1985 to represent and respond to issues of special significance to Maryland’s African American communities. Concerned that needs within these communities were not being adequately addressed, a group of area ministers and businessmen came together. They envisioned an organization that would raise and distribute funds in support of efforts that targeted the needs specific to African Americans in Maryland. As a result, ABC was born with a $100,000 planning grant from the United Way, three staff members, a dedicated Board of Directors, and a cadre of volunteers and donors committed to giving their time, talent and resources to making a difference in Maryland communities.

Three decades later, we are still advocating for people of color in Maryland. We are leading the charge to close the wealth gaps that put so many African American families at a disadvantage in achieving the American dream. With the investment of individual donors, corporations, foundations and other public and private funds, we continue to raise funds to address the widening wealth gap of African Americans and other persons of color in the Baltimore region by addressing structural racism. This is viewed as a “long arc of change,” seeking transformation that leads to sustainable outcomes for the region, versus only making transactional investments.



We continue to focus on economic equity because we believe that ultimately the outcomes benefit all Marylanders. We push for systemic investments and innovative data driven strategies; we influence and galvanize other organizations; and we build the capacity of community-based organizations and nonprofits that are in pursuit of the same goal.



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Support Our Work

Your support is critically important to our work. Please see all our various programs, services, and events – all efforts go toward achieving our goal of eliminating race-based structural barriers and advance long-term solutions that create new opportunities for African Americans.