Elevate and Celebrate in 2022!

Happy New Year!


We cannot thank you enough for your commitment and support of Associated Black Charities in 2021.  We are looking forward to spending even more time with you in 2022 as we continue to Elevate and Celebrate the Black Worker in our Campaign for Equity.  The Staff and Board of ABC are excited about what we have on deck for the coming months, and we hope that as you join us throughout the year, you will let us know what types of resources and events you would like to see in our line-up. Our programs are here to support you and your journeys as Black workers and residents of Baltimore, and we want to hear your voices.  Our wish for 2022 is that you remain involved and engaged in our work.  We promise to let you know what we are doing and hope that you feel comfortable letting us know how you are doing and what you need.  


In 2022, ABC’s Equity at Work Webinar Series will explore topics such as whether or not homeownership is still the best pathway to Black wealth; the trauma of racism and its impact on the mental health of the Black worker; and, college degrees – are they still worth the time and the money?  These free webinars are just one of the ways that we connect directly with the community and we love being able to facilitate these challenging and important conversations.  Our panelists represent the diversity that exists in the Black community, across all sectors, disciplines, and positions in the workforce.  We hope that each attendee walks away from our webinars with at least one new tool to help them navigate the systems of white supremacy that continue to persist in our communities.


At ABC, we are very clear about the fact that removing race-based barriers in public policy and the workforce, that have the outcome of limiting people of color, is not just a matter of social justice or morality, it is an economic necessity.  Thus, we are thrilled to be able to roll out ABC’s complete suite of Transformational Engagements for Advancing Racial Equity.  Many companies are beginning the process of holding a mirror up to themselves in order to uncover how systemic barriers, like racism, operate within the culture of organization and industry norms. The process of dismantling inequity and creating an anti-racist culture in industry can feel ambiguous when leaders aren’t equipped to understand their unconscious bias and how one can operate as an offender and gatekeeper in the racial justice landscape. Our corporate citizens play a vital role in identifying opportunities to analyze operational practices that are rooted in institutional and industries norms. Corporate citizens must make advancing equity a priority within its operational culture and business strategies. Our communities are dependent on such shifts for economic recovery and for the Black and Brown workers who have been historically underrepresented in the corporate landscape.  ABC’s trainings and interventions are proven to help companies and their leaders successfully make these changes.


Save the Date for ABC’s Gala, Equity First Speaker Series, and Women on the Move.  Whether in-person or virtual, ABC will be taking every opportunity to Elevate and Celebrate the Black Worker in 2022!  Stay tuned for final dates and the list of our honorees, speakers, and special guests.  If you are interested in being a corporate, community or in-kind sponsor, please contact our Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, Anike Neverdon-Edmonds Coates, acoates@abc-md.org.

Please consider partnering with us in elevating and uplifting the Black Worker by making an online gift today. Thank you for your support!