Clarence Wooten

Equity First Speaker Series Guest: Clarence Wooten

We are proud to announce that Clarence Wooten will be a speaker in our Equity First speaker series!

ABC’s third session of Equity First | a speaker series on Tuesday, November 9th will feature Baltimore native Clarence Wooten. Clarence is presently an Entrepreneur in Residence at X, Alphabet’s the moonshot factory (formerly known as Google X) where he works with talented teams to create radical new technologies to solve some of the World’s hardest problems. Additionally, Clarence is co-founding General Partner at Revitalize, a venture studio focused on changing the complexion of tech by building break-out startups led by black founders and diverse teams.

In this one-on-one interview with Diane Bell-McKoy of ABC, Clarence will share personal perspectives of his journey from inner city Baltimore to Silicon Valley. He is passionate about creating a world where Black and Brown people can “prosper in place”, rather than having to escape to succeed. He envisions a Baltimore that is an “equitech” city, and believes in holistic solutions for communities’ challenges.

Clarence is the only African-American to have founded and led two Internet startups to successful acquisitions by publicly traded companies with the sale of ImageCafe to Network Solutions (Nasdaq: NSOL) and Progressly to Box (NYSE: BOX). Post-acquisition, Clarence served as Vice President at Network Solutions where he led the integration of ImageCafe’s platform as the default website solution for millions of domain name purchasers. Upon founding Progressly, Clarence foresaw the consumerization of enterprise software and turned complex business processes into visual repeatable workflows in the cloud which led to the company’s acquisition by Box.

With deep expertise and vision for applying SaaS, blockchain, and AI to build and transform companies; Clarence leverages these talents in his role as an advisor to venture funds, universities, and corporations including Proctor & Gamble Ventures, AQI Ventures, as well as numerous Silicon Valley tech advisory boards, CEOs, and startup accelerators.

ABC’s Equity First | a speaker series consists of interviews with key leaders, from Baltimore and across the nation, who recognize that sustainable change for people of color will only come when structural and institutional barriers are replaced with equitable policies, practices, and institutions. Invited speakers are those who have put equity first in their careers and their passions. At the time of this release the series’ sponsors include Wells Fargo, Comcast, Under Armour Foundation, Bank of America, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Wells Fargo, and Afro News as exclusive media sponsor.

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