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Removing race-based barriers in public policy and workforce that have the outcome of limiting people of color is not a matter of social justice or morality, it is an economic necessity. To make this a reality, we offer a number of programs and services to support the Black Workers, companies, corporate leaders, other organizations, and policy makers in our effort to eliminate the racial wealth gap for African-Americans in Baltimore,

Racial Equity Training

Associated Black Charities (ABC) has designed a menu of engagement services that are brave, confidential, transformative, and transactional. Our approach is to meet our clients where they are in their learning journey. We support corporate leaders, racial equity committees, and boards of directors to deepen their understanding of how their individual belief systems and operational business culture reinforces inequity for internal staff, committees, and communities served. These can be structured in the following ways.

Trainer in circle

10 Essential Questions

The 10 Essential Questions are designed to help leaders in various capacities – Workforce Development; Policy Development, Review, and Evaluation; Employers, Business Owners, HR Professionals & Hiring Managers; and Philanthropic Grant-Making, Policies and Practices – to look at their organizations through a critical and constructive lens to determine where and how they can create a more inclusive and equity environment. 


Film Screenings

Associated Black Charities, in our mission to dismantle systemic racism, work together with creatives, historians and subject matter experts create films to help uncover the underpinnings of structural racism, and how the events and policies of the past have helped shape our future, including The History of Structural Racism in Baltimore, an original film produced by ABC exposes “the rot beneath the glitter” of how Baltimore became “Baltimore.” 

Film Screening