10 Essential Questions

Program Overview

Racial Equity “…is the condition that would be achieved if one’s racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares.”   According to the U.S. Census Bureau, children and youth of color will comprise the demographic majority in our nation by 2018, and, overall, people of color will surpass 50% of the U.S. population by 2043. Our nation’s economic survival will depend upon the inclusion of people of color in all sectors of the economy and in all segments of the workforce. We must work together to eliminate the race-based policies, stereotyping, and negative cultural messaging that have truncated the prospects of so many deserving American citizens.

The 10 Essential Questions are designed to help leaders in various capacities – Workforce Development; Policy Development, Review, and Evaluation; Employers, Business Owners, HR Professionals & Hiring Managers; and Philanthropic Grant-Making, Policies and Practices – to look at their organizations through a critical and constructive lens to determine where and how they can create a more inclusive and equity environment. 


Download the 10 Essential Questions for your area of expertise, share the questions and the language in the Questions, and plan thoughtful conversations to unpack responses and ideas within your organization. 

10 Essential Questions:
Workforce Development

10 Essential Questions:
Policy Development, Review, and Evaluation

10 Essential Questions:
Employers, Business Owners, HR Professionals & Hiring Managers

10 Essential Questions:
Philanthropic Grant-Making, Policies and Practices